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Cure your pain quick, right away with physiotherapy in Scarborough, Ontario

Our massage practitioners and chiropractors for physiotherapy in Scarborough, Ontario are experienced. You can bid pain goodbye the moment you visit us. We try our best for instant relief, but also aim for lasting results.

At Myoflex, we understand that patients have unique requirements. Right from services for chiropody in Scarborough we also offer one of the best acupuncture treatments in Toronto. In other words, we look after you from head to toe, with tailored regimes. You can rely on us to keep most pain problems away. Our treatments don't end with long lists of medicines, but with exercise schedules that keep your body at its fittest.

Treat all kinds of pain with physiotherapy in Scarborough, Ontario

Our Scarborough chiropractic & physiotherapy clinic provides varied assistance. The therapy we offer are physiotherapy, massage therapy, shockwave therapy, active physio, and acupuncture. These treatments are best in class, and are enough to manage all kinds of pain.

Our experts for physiotherapy in Scarborough, Ontario check medical history, and perform a physical examination. They use lab tests or diagnostic imaging to determine if treatment is appropriate for your pain.

We Are Open For Face to Face - In Person Consultations Now

We conduct thorough examination, diagnosis and rehabilitation using up-to-date techniques. In today's modern era the healthcare industry has witnessed a surge in demand. People have realized how simple therapy can cure complex problems. If you're in two minds, talk to our experts and see the results we have already procured.

Along with all our services, acupuncture treatment in Toronto is one of our specialties. The service isn't easily available. No matter what your injury is, the ancient pain relieving therapy solves it from the roots up. Consult us today, no matter what the injury is!

About Us

Welcome to Myoflex Physiotherapy Clinic. We are a multidisciplinary clinic located within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), specifically within Scarbrough. Our clinic provides our patients with multiple forms of therapy ranging from physiotherapy, massage therapy, shockwave therapy, active physio and acupuncture. Through the therapy provided, our practitioners use their expertise to help our patients reach their goals. Some conditions our practitioners help to treat include: Motor vehicle accident (MVA) cases, slip and falls, strains, sprains, bursitis, frozen shoulder, workplace injuries (WSIB), muscle tightness, sport injuries, knee conditions, fractures, whiplash and many more Read More

Myoflex Physiotherapy Clinic

5200 Finch Ave E, Suite 205, Scarborough, Ontario, M1S 4Z4

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Our Services

At Myoflex Physiotherapy Clinic we believe in providing our patients with a holistic approach to care. Thus, resulting in our vast amount of forms of therapy provided to patients. The forms of therapy we provide include: Physiotherapy, Massage therapy, Acupuncture, Shockwave therapy, and Active Physiotherapy

The services we provide help treat and control conditions and cases such as motor vehicle accident (MVA) injuries, whiplash, sciatica, pre and post-surgery, strains and sprains, fractures, ergonomic related injuries, spondylosis, disc herniation, knee conditions, arthritis, and many more.

Our practitioners specialize in many forms of therapy and techniques such as cupping; PNF stretching; soft tissue release; Mc Kenzie; Mc Gill; tapping; and many more. Fore more information about each practitioner's specialty and techniques, please click the "Our team" tab.


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Chiropody / Footcare

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our patients reach their optimal state of health and goals through the therapy we provide!

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